VIRAL VIDEO- A new thing suddenly came to Rupa’s house in House Welcome Day… Everyone was surprised to see it… More than 286K people have seen it in just 4 hours…

The two stars who have made their mark on social media are Rupa and Pintu. You must know Odisha’s No.1 blogger Rupa Pintu very well. If you are using social media, you must have seen and liked many of Rupa Pintu’s blogs.  .

But now also a nice blog video of Rupa Pintu has come up which has a lot of fun in the video which you will like very much.  The video has gone viral.  Then you can watch Rupa Pintu’s blog on social Rupa Pintu Khushi Express YouTube channel every day.  Today Pintu brought a new thing to his house so let’s know what he brought.

Lots of fun to see in today’s blog. Pintu’s house is well established.  And a happy palace has been made in the house.  Everyone has a smile on their face and is happy to see.  Everyone is enjoying themselves too.  There is so much fun to watch in the video.  Pintu has decorated his house very nicely and today Pintu also brought new dining set.

However, Pintu’s family is a beautiful family. Everyone is met with a smile to see them happily cooperating with each other. Haas spends their days in a fun and funny way which is very liked by the audience. In today’s video as well, the whole family has come together and everyone is having fun. The video has been liked by the audience. Along with this, the audience has also given a very positive response to this video. So after watching this beautiful video you will know how beautiful it is. If you liked our article then you can give us feedback in below comment box and also share this post with your friends. We will continue to bring more such articles for you, thank yo


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