Ollywood Star Sidhant Mohapatra made his son for the first time in an odia movie (Bapa Super Man) – Watch VIDEO

We seen many viral videos on social media, but now the thing that is going viral is about a new film “Bapa Superman” coming in our Odisha language. And with that, Sidhant Mohapatra, who has played the lead role in this film, has shared his experience as a father in front of everyone. And it is said that a film like this will be liked by everyone in the New Year Then let’s have a look at the complete video that is going viral

Do you know about the super star and super hero of the Ollywood world, Sidhant Mohapatra And who is said to have made a special place in the hearts of the audience through his performance Then a film of Sidhant Mohapatra is going to come “Bapa Superman”. However, he said that this film directed by Sudshanshu is a beautiful film that is becoming viral. And in that role, a son who is studying in the seventh Class has played a role

Along with this film. Regarding the subject, the theory said that everyone sees the hardship of the mother, sees the sincerity and love of the mother with the child, but the words of the father are hidden. A film like this has been shot to show that father’s love for children is not known. And with that, Teriyav Mohapatra said that for every child, his father is the super man

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