Actress Nisha gave her opinion about doing a pon film, let’s know about this news

Man is a social animal. Every person has some or the other talent. Not all humans have the same talent. But everyone is great in their respective fields. One such talent is acting. Not everyone has this talent. So this acting is a part of the world. Actors and actresses are always in discussion about something or the other. So there are some things which are now in discussion about actress Nisha. Let’s know about it.

Actress Nisha once said that Odisha is very backward. And she likes Sunny Leone very much. Then he said something about Odisha and many people protested against it. However, when asked what he thinks about the fact that there are people in Odisha who are watching Langla dance on their mobiles but are protesting outside.

He said that it is right for people to do such things at home and everyone thinks it is wrong if someone says it outside. When asked what his preference is, he said that he is a different child. When asked if he would do so. If he gets a chance to do porn film then he said that there is no such opportunity in Odisha and if any offer comes from outside he will do it.

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