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Rupa sings romantic song in new style..more than 2m views in just 4 hours

Yes, friends, you can see many types of videos that are going viral on social media Then you must know very well about Rupa and Pintu, the most popular vlogger of Odisha who has brought many types of videos for the people of Odisha and along with that Rupa and Pintu have also made many types of music videos together as husband and wife. It is being said Then now the video of Rupa and Pintu singing and singing is going viral Then let’s have a look at the complete video that is going viral

You have often seen that many videos of Rupa and Pintu are going viral, then in the video which is going viral, Khushi Ma, Rupa and Pintu along with others have gone for a walk to the temple of Maa Bhagwati. And there they are going around the temple as well as having darshan of mother in the temple And with that Bhagwati has also gone to a famous place in the temple

Where it is seen that inside the temple he went to the place where the stones were floating in a water tank and there Khushi blessed Ma and asked her father to bow down and after that they sat in the car and said to go to Puri for Jagannath’s audience. After that, it is said that they started singing songs on the way to Puri for Jagannath’s darshan

However, Pintu has been made the leader of a team and Rupa has made Vaj the leader of a team. After that Pintu started driving and started singing one of his songs that is Meghre Meghre Megh song and after that Rupa also started to sing the song as seen in this viral video. And which is now becoming very viral on social media

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