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You would not know this thing about Rupa Pintu’s life, why is she so popular today…

Hello friends, you all know Rupa Pintu Khushi and she is famous all over Odisha now, but friends, do you know the story behind her success or if not, let us know. Friends, you must know that 2020 was a bad time for everyone

But some people took it as an opportunity and one of them was our Pintu brother However, at that time the demand for tiktok was a bit high in our Odisha and Pintu Bhai turned on his mobile camera and shot a video and after he uploaded some videos, his video went viral.

And he was slowly liked by the audience all over Odia and then he never looked back and continued making videos but friends after a few days came a very sad time Indian government banned tiktok and then Pintu Bhai didn’t give up and started uploading videos on Snap.

One day an idea came in his mind and he started a YouTube channel named Rupa Khushi Pintu Express and then he uploaded daily videos and with this he became very popular in a very short time.

But now he has done many albums and albums with famous artists of ollywood industry so that the audience loves him a lot. He owns a clothing store in his market but has now become an overnight YouTube superstar.

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