Rupa-Pintu said how Tik Tok started.

Dear viewers, welcome to our portal. So you all know Rupa Pintu very well. You must have seen her videos on YouTube. Rupa Pintu’s fan base is not less than any of the orthodox celebrities. So these love birds who started their videos on tiktok are now in music videos. People’s praises are also falling

Today we are going to share with you some interesting facts about her life. Our representative interviewed Rupa Pintu today. Q: You are now making music videos from vlog videos. What is her secret?

Answer: Our life story started from the small screen. We progressed from a small mobile through tiktok. Making videos on mobiles got a lot of people’s love. And today it has turned into music videos.

Q What are your plans for acting in the near future? Answer: There are no plans to say so. We are very happy that God has brought us together. Our song is in Armaan Music. Very beautiful song. We have worked hard for this video. We hope you will watch the video and love it all over.

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