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My father is in danger in jail, he will be killed if he stays there… said Gopal’s son

They will kill my father in jail, if he stays there, he will be taken to another jail, then he will never come back home. My father will go to the cemetery from there. For that, please transfer him to another place soon. Yes, friends, now I have heard the accused Gopal’s son saying such things, and he is always worried. About that.

If we see how many times Gopal told the crime branch that his life cannot last longer in Jharsuguda jail, there is danger to his life in Jharsuguda jail if he stays in Jharsuguda jail for more time. Then he will go straight to the graveyard from there. There are people in the jail who want to kill him,” Gopal told the Crime Branch.

He further said that Gopal requested before the Crime Branch that he has been threatened to kill him in the jail and for that he should be sent to another jail and now it has been reported that Gopal’s son is talking exactly like Gopal. However, after the narco test of Gopal, the crime branch produced Gopal in the court.

After that, Gopal has been kept in Jharsuguda Jail because the three-year remand of Gopal has been completed. However, after recording the statement on 164 in Jharsuguda Jail, he will be transferred to Chedwar Jail.

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