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Bidya Shree will wear a pink lehenga for Aditya even if she is a widow

You may know that Vidyashri is the righteous wife of Aditya Das. She is known by almost everyone in Odisha. The world has introduced her as a widow. In our eyes, a widow cannot do good work outside. Tried

And gave a beautiful lehenga to Vidyashree, which CE will wear. Apart from this, she also gave her mother a saree to wear. In this regard, Savita ma’am said that Aditya’s mother sees me as an elder sister and respects and adores me. At first, she did not agree. But later. I forced her to agree and took the saree from me and I am very happy that she kept my word

I have also brought a lehenga for Vidashree. I have hope and faith that she will also wear the lehenga. Vidashree is like our daughter. If she became a widow at such a young age, there is nothing wrong with her. So she will wear it. Besides, I have given a saree to Vidashree with the permission of her mother-in-law. The lehenga is very beautiful. I hope Vidashree must have told me. You will keep this lehenga and wear it

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