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Oh God! Suddenly this happened to Rupa… Watch the SHOCKING video

Social media has made many people popular. But friends, many youngsters are also making good money from social media. Rupa, Pintu and Khushi, who are well-known in Odisha, have become very successful today through their YouTube channels. There are some stories behind this success that you might not have heard about. Now is the time. Social media is very important for us, so sometimes this social media will change someone’s fortune. And in that successful person, Rupa, Pintu and Khushi are also included.

However, at that time, Pintu and Rupa made a reel and posted it on social media. And after making some other tills and posting it on social media, the number of views of that reel started to increase. At that time, it became a bit of a ban in India.

After that, Rupa Pintu could not release but Pintu did not sit quietly. At that time, he created a channel on YouTube which was named Rupa, Pintu and Khushi Express. After this channel, he continued to show the programs of his family and family through videos.

Then people started liking to see the love and fun in her family. After that her videos started to increase in number of views and subscribers. So today there are many albums of Rupa Pintu and Khushi. And now this duo is Odisha’s No. 1 YouTube blogger Rupa Pintu known as Khushi Express. Nothing comes easily with hard work and determination one can achieve success.

In today’s video, Runa is seen showing Rupa the tea cup, socks, socks for Khushi Ma from her journey home. And wealth has come to his house, that is, his nephew. And what he says, wealth obeys him. Then suddenly, due to Rupa’s illness, Dhan comes to Maiku and hugs Maiku’s head. In this way love was seen between mother and niece. And everyone also liked this video.

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