Odisha’s NO-1 YOUTUBER Rupa Pintu got a big fight! Tomorrow news, today’s pressure, morning to morning all videos DELETE…watch videos

They used to share small videos little tik tok and have become public figures within a few days after being loved by the audience. There are millions of followers on social media. So we are talking about Odisha’s No.1 blogger Rupa Pintu. Rupa Pintu has reached the pinnacle of success today for people’s love. Rupa Pintu owns two lanes along with Shankh Malmal house.

As soon as Roopa Pintu’s video is posted, millions of viewers watch it. And with millions of likes, thousands of positive comments were also coming. But now Ai has not been able to love Rupa Pintu as much as before. And instead of positive comments, negative comments are seen. Who says that Pintu has become too proud. And who says that Pintu does not forget the past. But some days, Pintu’s manners, behavior, and mannerisms have changed. Sometimes Pintu secretly watches Bala, and sometimes the driver tells the children next to him, and sometimes the camera tells man

So there is a dispute between Pintu and Happy Pintu’s sister Suna. There was a time when they used to blog together. After the love of people, children needed to hold the camera for video editing. That’s why Rupa Pintu can be seen with many children. And Happy is also among those children. All of them can be seen together in the video. And now they have started talking against each other on their respective YouTube channels.

And in the meantime, if there is a fight between both of them, Pintu comes on social media and says that I was giving him money, I was not giving anyone free food. has opened. And after all this, comments are coming from social media that God will not tolerate pride.

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